Monday, July 8, 1985

Hyatt-Regency Hotel--Ballroom B  4:00-5:30


MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM Chair Kathy Kaldenberg welcomed the audience to the meeting and introduced VICE PRESIDENT/PRESIDENT-ELECT Anders Dahlgren.


Dahlgren reminded those present to submit JMRT Committee Preference Forms to him, in order to be assigned to committees for the 1985-86 year. He then called the membership meeting to order.


Dahlgren introduced PRESIDENT Charles Kratz, and reminisced about their first shared JMRT Committee assignment, the Booth Committee in 1979. Dahlgren said the past year has been a well-planned one for JMRT.  Under Kratz's leadership, the EBSCO/JMRT Scholarship was created, outreach to library school students increased, membership went up, and several successful JMRT programs were part of the ALA Annual Conference. Dahlgren then offered to Kratz a plaque which read:


"Presented to Charles E. Kratz in recognition of outstanding service and dedication as President, American Library Association Junior Members Round Table.      June 26, 1984-July 9, 1985."


The audience gave Kratz a big round of applause.


Kratz thanked the audience and those who have helped him this year: JMRT's officers, committee chairs, liaisons, and committee members who have provided hard work, dedication, and support to the organization. Kratz said he has grown professionally and personally during his six years in JMRT.  His wish is that others will be as fortunate as he has been. Kratz concluded by thanking everyone once again.


Kratz turned the meeting to Business, opening with the announcement of award winners. JMRT sponsors 4 programs to introduce new leaders to association and conference activities. The first is the 3M/JMRT Professional Development Grant. Phil Hage from 3M offered remarks about the award, and explained that 3M participates because it feels strongly about the importance of new members to an organization. The award offers, round-trip transportation, lodging, registration, and a stipend to a JMRT member attending an ALA Annual Conference.


Kratz introduced Valerie Platz, the National Coordinator of

the Baker and Taylor Grassroots Grants. Platz explained that she

doesn't select the winners; that happens at the state level.

Platz asked the state contact people to stand, and then read the

list of winners for this year.


Kratz then described the Shirley Olofson Memorial Award, which offers funds to assist a JMRT member to attend a second ALA Annual Conference. He asked this year's three recipients to stand.


Finally, Kratz described a new award, the EBSCO/JMRT Scholarship to assist a person in pursuit of library education at the graduate or advanced levels. This year's application deadline is December 16, and the first winner will begin coursework in Fall 1986. Information is available from Anders Dahlgren.


The Friendly Booth Award, which is awarded annually to an exhibitor for creativity and friendliness, was awarded Monday morning to the Grolier Education Corporation. Mr. Yementz, a Grolier representative, was introduced by Kratz, and thanked JMRT for the honor.


Kratz concluded by reviewing the JMRT 1984-85 year. He cited the following accomplishments:


*Creation of the EBSCO/JMRT Scholarship.

*Coordination of JMRT program themes with E.J. Josey's over-all conference theme.

*Outreach to library school students.

*Increased programming by JMRT, including the expansion of the Students to ALA Reception to include a program.

*A marked increase in membership.

*Better publicity of JMRT events.

*JMRT Affilliates Council's efforts to create a citation for outstanding new librarians.

*JMRT's participation on the Steering Committee on Round Tables, which is seeking Round Table representation to ALA.

*The success of the Committee on Governance's efforts to realize JMRT's long range goals and objectives.

*JMRT's cosponsorship of the RTSD preconference, "The Business of Acquisitions.'

*The dedicated work of JMRT's program committee chairs, which was reflected in strong attendance at all JMRT programs.


Kratz asked for questions and new business. There being none, PAST PRESIDENT   J. Linda Williams moved that the meeting be adjourned. CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS COMMITTEE CHAIR Ruth Magnussen seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 4:35 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

    Diane J. Cimbala