NMRT Board Member Final Report

1. Office Name: Outreach Director

2. Office Term (Date: Ex. 2002-2003): 2002-2003

3. Discuss/summarize your involvement with your committees this year: Assisted in coordination efforts mostly via email and phone calls to Booth, Student Reception, and Student and Student Chapter Outreach, and Orientations Committee Chairs to prepare for Annual Conference activities in Toronto. Also monitored progress of MPR and Diversity by sending emails and making calls to respective committee chairs.

4. Based on your year's experience in this office, what future directions do you see your office or NMRT needing to take this year or the following year? Just three suggestions: 1) To see MPR address issues of recruitment and retention in order to get a complete picture of NMRT and how we can improve as a round table. 2) To have Diversity carry out their recruitment and retention strategies and see the committee administer the survey they created to measure diversity in NMRT for 2003-2004. (MPR and Diversity committees can coordinate efforts with respect to recruitment and retention). 3) To work on obtaining accurate numbers of NMRT activities at conferences and vendor requests actually ordered and filled. As indicated in the Outreach Director's progress report we had 378 extra bags prior to Annual Conference:

Booth Committee received and distributed a total of 175 EBSCO bags:

They did not receive their own package of bags but had to obtain their amount from Orientations Committee.

Orientations Committee distributed a total of 180 EBSCO bags:

Orientations prepared 155 EBSCO bags (with pens from SIRSI). An additional 25 EBSCO bags (minus pens), were quickly assembled because they needed more. As a side note SIRSI kindly donated note pads, which Orientations sent over to Booth Committee.

***The only bags left over from Annual Conference in Toronto were the 36 older version of the red EBSCO bags (as verified by Kim Sanders).

Final tally for EBSCO bags:

355 total EBSCO bags distributed at Annual 2003.

36 older version (Red) EBSCO bags left over from Annual 2003.

Finally, Student Reception had 50 attendees.

SASCO received approximately a 50% response from library schools and student chapters, however, when it came time to publicize the Student Chapter of the Year Award there were not many applicants. I truly believe with the NMRT Board voting and approving Student Chapter of the Year as its own committee will help considerably in focusing efforts to promote the Award. Likewise, this will give SASCO the opportunity to focus on extensive outreach.

Added note: Items purchased for Booth Committee: an Easel ($44.25), for display of the 3M/NMRT Grant winner (taken from the 3M/NMRT Committee budget), and a literature rack ($95.72), to display NMRT literature/flyers at NMRT Booth, (taken from the Outreach Director's budget). Both easel and literature rack will be stored at ALA Headquarters (as agreed to by Kim Sanders).

5. What tips or hints do you have that might help your successor carry out the duties of this office?

Individual email accounts for each committee a board member supervises. This will assist in organizing and keeping track of correspondence. Ideally, constant communication with committee chairs just to see if things are operating smoothly (something like an email a week unless something urgent occurs). Chairs should also immediately notify their supervising board member if they are unable to complete their role as chair as soon as possible, otherwise the new incoming chair has the daunting task of quickly re-establishing the flow of the committee work, which is highly stressful.

6. Please address the role of the board member as coordinator. For example, with student outreach split among three committees reporting to three directors, somebody will need to take the initiative to make sure things are going smoothly. Another example would be projects between membership, alumni, and student outreach, which need to be coordinated. How might activities such as this be handled by board members efficiently and smoothly? Your thoughts here will be most helpful for future boards.

As long as the supervising board directors explicitly understand from the beginning there will be some overlap among committees. Board directors should discuss and decide on the coordination of information flow to the committee chairs and members.

7. Date of report: July 27, 2003

8. Submitted by: Nadine M. Flores