Tuesday, July 9, 1985

Hyatt Regency Hotel--Water Tower Room 2:00-4:00pm



In attendance were: Rosemary Arneson, Elinor Barrett, Karen Bohrer, Pat Brill, Elizabeth Byrne, Nina Castillo, Clarence Chisholm, Diane J. Cimbala, Cynthia Comer, Donna Cranmer, Anders Dahlgren, Cathy Doyle, Elaine Franco, Mary Jo P. Godwin, Melinda Hayes, Mary F. Hicks, Kathy Kaldenberg, Karen Kaluzsa, Erlene Bishop Killeen, Charles E. Kratz, Melissa Laning, Scottie McAuley, Ruth A. Magnussen, Beverly Martin, Valerie A. Platz, Amy Robson, Susan H. Schmidt, Becky Taylor, Clarence Toomer, Loretta Turnage, Bobbi Walters, Jeannette Ward, Lynda Welborn, J. Linda Williams.


PRESIDENT Charles Kratz opened the meeting at 2:10pm.  All present introduced themselves.




Scotty McAuley reported for JMRT ARCHIVIST Gail McMillan, who was uable to attend the conference. McMillan asks that everyone clean out their correspondence and other files before sending them on to their successors. Anything older than 3 years should be sent to McMillan. If there is any doubt as to the value of an item, she will ascertain its worth, and send archival items to the ALA archives at the University of Illinois.






Clarence Chisholm, AWARDS BREAKFAST COMMITTEE chair, declared Sunday's breakfast to be a success. Eighty people attended, and total receipts were around $900. The keynote speaker, Representative Major Owens of New York, was unable to attend because he had contracted pneumonia (!!), so at 11 :50pm Saturdqy night, ALA President-Elect Beverly Lynch agreed to be the keynote speaker.


Chisholm recommended that the Awards Breakfast be continued in the future, asking that a motion be made to that effect. There being no quorum, no motion was made, and Kratz reviewed who is eligible to vote and what constitutes a quorum. Voters are: President, Vice President /President-Elect, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, the 3 Directors, the Affiliates Council President, and if sufficient affiliate chapters have paid their dues, the Affiliates Council Vice President. A quorum exists when over half of the voters are present. The arrival of Dahlgren created a quorum, and discussion resumed.


Chisholm argued that the Breakfast is a nice opportunity to recognize winners other than the Baker and Taylor and Grassroots



Grant recipients. Kratz reviewed the Midwinter discussion in which the Awards Breakfast was terminated after the 1985 Conference. He cited a suggestion of Erlene Bishop Killeen's in which the Olofson Award winners would be recognized at the JMRT President's Program. Killeen clarified her idea, which was to rename the program: The President 0lofson Awards Program. She added parenthetically that the Olofson Award was at one time given out at the Membership Meeting, but that practice was ceased because too many people leave after the Program. The President's Program idea was accepted in general.


Chisholm then elaborated on the difficulties he had encountered with the Sheraton Plaza Hotel, where the breakfast took place. Cranmer said she would contact Mary Cilluffo of the ALA Conference Arrangements Office to straighten things out.


HANDBOOK COMMITTEE chair Cathy Doyle thanked people for their help in updating the current handbook. She noted that the new blue handbook covers that were sent to Dallas last year apparently never came back to the ALA office. (Rosemary Arneson has since located them.) She also expressed concern over the need for Handbooks by Ad Hoc Committee chairs, and referred those present to the recommended policy on her written report. The policy states:

" The chair of the Handbook Committee will maintain five extra copies of the JMRT Handbook for use by ad hoc committee chairs. A handbook will be sent to the chair of a newly created ad hoc committee and will remain with the chair of the committee until it is discharged. It will then be returned to the Handbook Committee chair."


Bohrer moved that the recommendation be adopted as policy, and Cranmer  seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Mary Hicks, MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION AND RELATIONS COMMITTEE chair referred the Board to her report. JMRT is doing really well this year: We have the most personal members of any round table--1126. We are third overall, including institutional memberships. Hicks thinks the new membership brochure helped boost this figure. Hicks also reported that she attended the ALA Membership Meeting Saturday afternoon, and submitted her request for support of the 1987 New York City Orientation Program. ALA will provide $100, advertising and publicity assistance, and will try to avid scheduling the ALA Membership Meeting Program at the same time as Orientation.


Hicks is working on a proposal to ALA to create internships for ALA's Committees and Divisions. The proposal will be ready by Midwinter. She is also working on a slide show for JMRT, in partial fulfillment of one of the Long-Range Goals. The slidetape program should be ready by Annual Conference next year.


PRESIDENT'S PROGRAM COMMITTEE Chair Lynda Welborn referred the Board to her report. Attendance at the standing-room-only


program was around 300, and appeared to be very successful.


MEMBERSHIP MEETING PROGRAM Chair Kathy Kaldenberg reported that Monday's program brought in about 200 people, and it was taped. Some legislative information packets were left, so Kaldenberg said she would advertise them in FOOTNOTES, and will send complete packets back to the states who donated information for the program.


Kratz asked if the tapes of JMRT programs should be purchased for the archives. Discussion followed regarding whose budget would pay for the tapes: the program committees or the archives? Taylor asked if this might be unnecessary duplication, if tapes were already owned by ALA. Cimbala pointed out that technologically, these tapes are likely to be antiques in just a few years--the machines to play them on will be on display in the Smithsonian! The need for the FOOTNOTES editor to have access to the files was discussed. Killeen pointed out that committees should include providing transcripts or an article to FOOTNOTES as one of their responsibilities. Kratz suggested that an insert be added to the first issue of FOOTNOTES following Annual Conference. After more discussion, the Board ultimately concluded that a policy would be helpful. 1985-86 ARCHIVIST Clarence Toomer will investigate the options, and a decision can be made at Midwinter.


SOCIAL COMMITTEE Chair Karen Kaluzsa rose wearily from her seat and pronounced the Social a success.  612 people attended; proceeds from ticket sales were high, but the bar tab was low.  Details will be in her final report.  Kratz pointed out that the estimated $1600 profit ws wonderful, Dahlgren agreed, and everyone gave the committee a big round of applause.  Several other Board members offered additional positive comments about the Social—it was GREAT!


COMMITTEE ON GOVERNANCE Chair Erlene Bishop Killeen declared that there was nothing to report—her committee had done a lot of work at Midwinter, and decided not to ask everyone to strain their brains with more governance activity. 


FOOTNOTES editor Loretta Turnage reported that the editorial board concept has worked very well this year. One problem, however, has been getting people to adhere to deadline dates. Delays are created by the use of the editorial board, and committee chairs need to allow time to get things to the FOOTNOTES editor. Some ideas suggested for FOOTNOTES articles include: how to get published for the first time, where to find information on the preservation of library materials, etc. Turnage solicited ideas from the Board, and said she'll send all committee chairs for 1985-86 a list of editorial board contacts.  Dahlgren suggested that Turnage contact Melinda Hayes, the RTSD-PLMS liaison for information on preservation of library materials.



MINORITIES RECRUITMENT Chair Clarence Toomer reported on his July





8th meeting at the Bismark Hotel. Minorities Recruitment is continuing its library school outreach program. Letters were sent to minority deans of library schools, and response was quite positive. Next year's MR chair, Dorice Horne, wants to cosponsor a program with the Membership or Orientation Committees. Minorities Recruitment also wishes to sponsor hours at the JMRT Hospitality Suite next year. Cooperative ventures with Reforma and the ALA Black Caucus have been explored, and those groups will encourage an emphasis on minorities at the New York Conference next year. Dahlgren commented that he has conferred with Joseph Rice (Membership Meeting Program Chair) and Clarence Chisholm (President's Program chair) regarding cooperation with Minorities Recruitment, Reforma and the Black Caucus. At Orientation, those groups should at least plan to participate in the Information Roundabout.


HOSPITALITY SUITE COORDINATOR Beverly Martin reported that the Suite had been successful this year, and she was glad it was almost over! Twice as many people visited the Suite this year as did last year. Martin thanked the vendors who assisted with the suite this year, and noted that two who had promised money to the Suite had not paid up! Martin said the Affiliates Council had discussed opening the Suite on Friday night, and letting Tuesday go. Martin also stated that popular use starts after 4:00pm. She offered these observations for staffing consideration in future years. Dahlgren stated that the advantage in having the suite open on Friday night would be to have an exhibitors toast that night, when we wouldn't be competing with the exhibitors' own suites. Martin agreed, and commented that the suite costs lots of money, but is worthwhile.




LAMA-PAS liaison Melissa Laning reported that the Personnel Administration Section did not offer a program this year, but next year two events are scheduled. Next year's programs will be on staff development and affirmative action/equal opportunity for the new supervisor. Perhaps Minorities Recruitment and LAMA can combine forces on some of these programs. LAMA has expressed concern over reaching new members, and seeks JMRT's assistance. Walters suggested that the Affiliates Council might be able to help LAMA with regional institutes, publications, etc. Kratz recommended that next year's liaisons for LAMA-PAS (Elinor Barrett) and LAMA membership (David Jacka) confer on how they can coordinate those groups with JMRT. Kratz confirmed that LAMA is interested in the JMRT Affiliates Council, and would like to use the affiliate/chapter networking concept to build state and regional LAMA chapters.


PLA/SMLS liaison Mary Jo P. Godwin reported that the group is seeking more members, especially from the west.


Melinda Hayes, RTSD/PLMS liaison reported that the preservation discussion group has an offshoot group of preservation administrators, which will start meeting at each Midwinter and


Annual Conference. PLMS is planning a preconference for New York on Preservation for Collection Managers.


Scottie McAuley, PROFESSIONAL ETHICS LIAISON described the committee's Saturday meeting and Sunday program. The Committee no longer has a formal liaison structure, but McAuley has been appointed to the program committee for next year, a good example of JMRT's purpose at work. Professional Ethics wants new members. Their program topic for New York is Ethical Considerations in the Development of New Technologies.




Cynthia Comer introduced 3M/JMRT Professional Development Grant winner Nina Castillo.


Kratz encouraged all committee chairs to write notes of thanks to their committee members, especially those who did not get to attend conference. He then thanked everyone--offiicers, committee chairs, liaisons, etc. for the work they did this year. He asserted that the quality of an organization depends on the quality of its people, and that his job as president was easy because of the people he worked with.  Contributions from their libraries were also much appreciated. Kratz said he had never worked with such a dedicated group of people.


Cranmer moved that the meeting be adjourned. Dahlgren seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The 1985-86 Board adjourned at 3:55pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Diane J. Cimbala