**Type of report being submitted: Committee Final Report

**Date: July 23, 2003

**Committee Name: NMRT President's Program

**Supervising Board Member: Joseph Yue, NMRT President, joseph.yue@colorado.edu <mailto:joseph.yue@colorado.edu>

**Chair, Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs: Catherine Collins, Committee Chair, Texas A&M University-Commerce, catherine@sabreshockey.com <mailto:catherine@sabreshockey.com>; Ron Peterson, Program On-Site Coordinator, Johns Hopkins University, ronpeterson39401@yahoo.com <mailto:ronpeterson39401@yahoo.com>

**Committee members: Jeannette Ho, Texas A&M University, jaho@tamu.edu <mailto:jaho@tamu.edu>; Meg Meiman, University of Southern Mississippi, meg.meiman@usm.edu <mailto:meg.meiman@usm.edu>; Ron Peterson, Johns Hopkins University, ronpeterson39401@yahoo.com <mailto:ronpeterson39401@yahoo.com>; Wanda Rivero, The New York Public Library, wrivero@nypl.org <mailto:wrivero@nypl.org>; Tamara Smith, University of Pittsburgh, tfs7@pitt.edu <mailto:tfs7@pitt.edu>

**Goals, Objectives, Projects completed (including, but not limited to, any procedures, tip sheets, checklists, etc. created during the reporting year):

Goals, Objectives, and Projects since last reporting period ---

1. Create a program evaluation form, agenda/panelist biographies handout, NMRT membership flyer, ILEX membership flyer, program bibliography, program promotional flyer, and panelist name tents. [COMPLETED. DETAILS: Wanda Rivero completed the program evaluation form. Jeannette Ho completed the agenda/panelist biographies handout. Catherine Collins completed the NMRT membership flyer and panelist name tents. Susanne Bjorner of ILEX completed the ILEX membership flyer and the program bibliography. Ron Peterson completed the promotional flyer.]

2. Finalize all handouts. [COMPLETED. DETAILS: Committee members, panelists, and supervising officers provided input on final products when needed.]

3. Photocopy the handouts and mail to the appropriate individuals. [COMPLETED. DETAILS: Catherine Collins photocopied the promotional flyer, which was mailed to ALA, and the agenda/panelist biographies handout, which was mailed to Meg Meiman for distribution at the program. Tami Smith photocopied the program evaluation form and the NMRT membership flyer, which were mailed to Meg Meiman for distribution at the program. Susanne Bjorner photocopied the program bibliography and ILEX membership flyer, which she brought to the program for distribution. When possible, handouts were sent to NMRT Conference Planners in electronic format for posting on the NMRT Conference Handouts web page.]

4. Create a day-of-program checklist. [COMPLETED. DETAILS: Catherine Collins created a checklist for the day of the program. Checklist can be found on CDROM referenced in #11 below.

5. Hold program. [COMPLETED. DETAILS: Approximately 150 people attended the 2003 NMRT President's Program at the ALA Annual Conference. This year's panel topic was "Places Your MLS Can Take You: Alternative Careers for Librarians." Panelists Beverley Geer (Marketing Representative for AMIGOS), Katy Ginanni (Training Specialist, EBSCO Information Services), Peter McCracken (Co-founder of Serials Solutions, Inc.), and Sue Easun (Acquisitions Editor for Scarecrow Press) described how they made the switch from working in an academic, public, or school library setting to a career working outside of the traditional library setting. The program was co-sponsored by ASCLA's Independent Librarians' Exchange. Committee members Jeannette Ho, Meg Meiman, and Ron Peterson coordinated all on-site activities. For more information about the program, including copies of program handouts, please visit the President's Program web site at <http://ron.mse.jhu.edu/NMRT/2003index.html> or email Catherine Collins at catherine@sabreshockey.com <mailto:catherine@sabreshockey.com>.]

6. Analyze all program evaluation forms and prepare a brief summary to be emailed to all committee members, Joseph Yue, and Beth Kraemer. A copy of the information will be placed in the committee files. [IN PROGRESS]

7. Send a copy of each handout distributed at the program and an approximate "head count" to Catherine Collins. [IN PROGRESS]

8. Add a link from the committee website to the handouts so those who were unable to attend can still get the handouts. [COMPLETED. DETAILS: Ron Peterson added the link after returning from the conference.]

9. Send thank-you notes from both the committee and the NMRT President to each panelist, as well as the ILEX representatives. [COMPLETED. DETAILS: Catherine Collins sent a thank-you note to each panelist and the ILEX reps. on behalf of the committee on July 18. Joseph Yue has sent/is sending a letter of appreciation on behalf of the NMRT.]

10. Submit post-program article to Footnotes. [COMPLETED. DETAILS: Catherine Collins submitted a draft article to the Footnotes staff on July 21.]

11. Transfer all committee documents, including promotional materials and emails, to a CDROM. Print copies of program handouts and the committee website will also be included in print format. [COMPLETED. DETAILS: Catherine Collins burned a CD for the committee files.]

12. Pare-down the committee files as much as possible, eliminating unnecessary and duplicative material. [IN PROGRESS]

13. Mail the committee files to incoming committee chair, Ron Peterson. [IN PROGRESS. DETAILS: Waiting on completion of items detailed in #6 and #7 above.]

**Action Items/Issues To Be Resolved What plans/projects remain which will be carried over or postponed until next year? Have there been any substantial changes in plans requiring a reconsideration or cancellation of projects? Information regarding such will be helpful for future chairs and planners.


Financial Report Section:

Your budget appropriation (see budget) a.

Amount which you have spent this year b.

Difference between budgeted amount and amount spent (a-b) c.

**Report submitted by: Catherine Collins, Committee Chair

**Email address: catherine@sabreshockey.com <mailto:catherine@sabreshockey.com>