Committee Final Report

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**Type of report being submitted: Committee Final Report

**Date: July 18, 2003

**Office: Past President

**Goals, Objectives, Projects completed (including, but not limited to,

any procedures, tip sheets, checklists, etc. created during the

reporting year):

Oversee the Strategic Planning Task Force, and Nominating Committee.

Provide advice to President and Vice President on NMRT matters.

**Action Items/Issues To Be Resolved ? What plans/projects remain which

will be carried over or postponed until next year? Have there been any

substantial changes in plans requiring a reconsideration or cancellation

of projects? Information regarding such will be helpful for future

chairs and planners.

Encourage the President of 2004 to take into consideration of the

recommendation from the Strategic Planning Task Force about having a

retreat for NMRT in 2004. Since NMRT is a constantly changing unit, it

is important to recognize its needs and resources. I truly believe by

having a retreat every three-year to re-evaluate the needs or resources

Financial Report Section:

Your budget appropriation (see budget)


Amount which you have spent this year

b. 0

Difference between budgeted amount and amount spent (a-b)


**Report submitted by: Dora Ho

**Email address: <>