Committee Final Report

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**Type of report being submitted: Committee Final Report





**Committee Name: Conference Planning Task Force (CPTF)




**Supervising Board Member: Joseph Yue, NMRT President




**Chair, Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs: CPTF Chair, and Conference Coordinator Melody Allison <>



**Committee members: CPTF Core Members:


CPTF Web Coordinator -- Valrie Davis <>,

CPTF Special Ops -- Glynis Grau <>,

CPTF Special Ops -- Heather L Moulaison <>,

CPTF Yahoo Groups Manager -- Erika Ripley <>,

CPTF Volunteers Recruitment Coordinator -- Natalie Sommerville <>




**Goals, Objectives, Projects completed (including, but not limited to, any procedures, tip sheets, checklists, etc. created during the reporting year):

Goal: To coordinate and keep track of NMRT programs for MW and Annual meetings


Objectives: The CPTF is not to replace what each NMRT committee does, but to streamline the process and keep the big picture, by:


         Providing a single point for general NMRT conference details (for chairs, board members, president, ALA Liaison, CPTF)

         Coordinating conference details as they relate to NMRT as a whole, particularly in the areas of the conference Web page, volunteer recruitment, publicity, and handout distribution

         Communicating conference deadlines and details to chairs, board members, president, ALA Liaison, CPTF)


NMRT Conference Tips handout updated


CPTF Volunteer Recruitment -- On site volunteer form created for volunteer recruitment by Bill Armstrong. CPTF Volunteer Coordinator monitored responses that came in, if the chair receivedand responded, followed-up with the chairs as necessary, and noted what committees are getting responses and what ones are not - ascertaining balance.  She provided this information to the committee and NMRT Publicity so that they can plan for additional recruitment.  The committee and NMRT Publicity continued to do the actual recruiting.  CPTF backed up and monitored the overall situation.


CPTF Web site Created conference Web site with ALA's new database driven Web page which required special training. NMRT Event Web pages were created/recruited for the CPTF conference Web site. It included acknowledgements to |3M| |AJI| |EBSCO| |Highsmith| |Marshall Cavendish| |Quality Books Inc.| |Sirsi|links; and links to:



Student Reception

NMRT Events Schedule




Toronto Information



3M/NMRT Social
"Together in Toronto"

Conference Volunteer Form



Resume Review Service

Conference Tips




Conference Handouts



President's Program





Pub Clubbing (CLA NLIPIG)




Handout distribution monitoring - We tried a new project to save money, trees, and sore backs.  CPTF collected handout titles, URLS to such titles if any, and put up pdf copies of your handouts in our CPTF Web directory for those that are not Web pages:


3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant Brochure
Invitation to the 3M/NMRT Social (PDF File)
NMRT Alumni Handout (PDF File)
NMRT Presidents Program Flyer
NMRT Predidents Program Agenda and Bios
NMRT Presidents Program Evaluation Form
NMRT Presidents Program Membership Handout
NMRT Booth Survey (PDF File)
NMRT Student Reception Flyer
NMRT Orientation handout
SASCO Handouts for SASCO Booth
SASCO Student Chapter Handout
SASCO Student Chapter Reimbursement Handout
SASCO Orientation Handouts for NMRT


Publicity Committees worked with NMRT Publicity as normal concerning publicity.  CPTF integrated copies of committee publicity into the CPTF Web page.  We received assistance from NMRT Publicity to get the word out about our CPTF Web site.

Annual Meeting Schedule and Room Assignments was monitored, summary created, and communicated to board, committees, members.


All-Committee Meeting Participants List of attendees was created and communicated to chairs,

board, and president. Folks could see who planned to be there and meet up with them if desired.



Procedures, tip sheets, checklists, etc. created during the reporting year:

CPTF Coordinator Notes (position descriptions)

CPTF Web Coordinator

CPTF Handouts Distribution Coordinator

CPTF Volunteers Coordinator

CPTF Publicity Coordinator


CPTF details:

NMRT Midwinter roster

NMRT Annual roster

NMRT Event List Annual Meeting DRAFT15 2003 updated



Midwinter Meeting Schedule and Room Assignments summary

NMRT Events in Toronto Highlights - Midwinter handout

Annual Meeting Schedule and Room Assignments summary

NMRT Conference Tips 2003 [updated for Annual Meeting]




Handouts Tool for Committees

Handouts Budget Tool NMRT Event List Midwinter Meeting events 2003

Handouts Budget Tool NMRT Event List Annual Meeting events 2003


Handouts Distribution Tool NMRT Event List Midwinter Meeting events 2003

Handouts Distribution Tool NMRT Event List Annual Meeting events 2003


Handouts Summary Tool (for CPTF, board, president)

NMRT Handouts Potential Midwinter Distribution Points 2003

NMRT CPTF Handouts Potential Midwinter Distribution Points 2003

NMRT CPTF Handouts Potential Annual Distribution Points 2003


All Committee Meeting Summaries

Midwinter All Committee Meeting Participants List 2003

Annual All Committee Meeting Participants List 2003


MW CPTF Meeting Agenda

2003 All-Committee Meeting CPTF Agenda


CPTF Tip Sheets

Conference Volunteer Recruitment Procedures [for NMRT Handbook]

Conference Web Site Development Tip Sheet [for NMRT Handbook]

Conference Trunk Date Details [for NMRT Handbook]

NMRT CPTF Timeline


BOARD 2002-2003)



NOTE: For more information, please see Addendum to Committee Planning Report, 2002-2003: Timeline : Footnotes ( 7/18/03)


**Action Items/Issues To Be Resolved What plans/projects remain which will be carried over or postponed until next year? Have there been any substantial changes in plans requiring a reconsideration or cancellation of projects? Information regarding such will be helpful for future chairs and planners.

Deferred to next year


         Study and recommendations for how to make conference events accessible to NMRT members who are not able to come to the conference e.g. streaming video, etc.

         For NMRT Handbook:

o        Conference Scheduling Tip Sheet

o        Conference Room Reservation Tip Sheet

o        Conference Promotion, Handbook Tip Sheet

o        Checklist for Hosting a Speaker at NMRT Events (issues to address = honorarium, providing gifts, paying conference registration [see ALA regulations about not paying registration for librarians speakers even if not working as such], etc. + how to select, communications, authorizations, equipment needs/costs, ETC.)

o        Conference Handouts Duplication and Distribution Procedures [See Handouts Tools for help]


Financial Report Section:

Your budget appropriation (see budget)

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**Report submitted by: Melody Allison


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