Committee Final Report
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**Type of report being submitted: Committee Final Report

**Date: August 2, 2003

**Committee Name: Resume Review Service

**Supervising Board Member: Sally Gibson

**Chair: Laura Kortz

**Committee members (as of June 2003):
Tiffany Allen, Beth Balasubramanian, Donna Braquet, Valerie Byrd, Caroline Cason, Gregg Grunow, Mary Ellen Icaza, Nanako Kodaira, Susie Skarl

**Goals, Objectives, Projects completed (including, but not limited to, any procedures, tip sheets, checklists, etc. created during the reporting year):
The committee accomplished a great deal this year. There were large increases in both the e-mail and conference review services. At Midwinter in Philadelphia, 160 people visited the booth and 90 had their resumes reviewed. At Annual in Toronto 300 people visited the booth and 120 had their resumes reviewed. We also provided the service at the ALA/SASCO Student Reception: 4 resumes were reviewed. Our e-mail service reviewed 45 resumes (up from 26 last year and 8 the previous year). We currently have a list of 72 conference reviewers and 45 e-mail reviewers from public, school and academic libraries. Many of our reviewers are directors, associate or assistant directors and heads of departments.

Project Description/Goals:
The committee created many useful documents this year. Sign-up sheets, statistics sheets, evaluation forms, flyers and brochures were created for the conference service. Guidelines were created for the e-mail service, along with a sample review. The committee has a new Web page, which needs to go live. The committee also has a YAHOO geocities Web site for internal use and a YAHOO e-mail account. The chair created a seven page tip sheet for future chairs of the committee. The committee's name was officially adopted at the Board Meeting in Philadelphia at Midwinter.

**Action Items/Issues to Be Resolved:
(What plans/projects remain which will be carried over or postponed until next year? Have there been any substantial changes in plans requiring a reconsideration or cancellation of projects? Information regarding such will be helpful for future chairs and planners.)

The committee's Web page needs to go live on the ALA Web server. The committee's budget should be reconsidered, or ways to spend our budget should be discussed. Consideration of joining with the NMRT Booth should be discussed.

Financial Report Section:
Your budget appropriation (see budget) a. 100.00
Amount which you have spent this year b. 42.00
Difference between budgeted amount and amount spent (a-b) c. 58.00

**Report submitted by Laura Kortz
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