2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


The ALA/JMRT Executive Board meeting was called to order by President Diane Cimbala at 2:15 pm. Thirty-one (31) members were present:

Bobbi Walters, Denise Krell, Diane J. Cimbala, Peggy Lewis, Myrtis Collins, Algis Stankus-Saulaitis, Susan Schmidt, John Fernainolo, Terri Tomchyshyn, David Fiste, Sylvia Reiner, Bill Kendra, Valerie Horton, Randy Pederson, Jana Lonberger, Biddanda P. Ponnappa, Verdie Richburg, Colleen Conway, Kathryn Gabriel, Loretta Turnage, Patricia Wade, Melissa Laning, Connie Phelps, Elinor Barrett, Phoebe Janes, Elizabeth Reed, Robert Adamshick, Karin Ford, Winston Walden, Pat Brill Dominique Coloumbe.


President Cimbala welcomed everyone to the Executive Board meeting. After introductions were made, President Cimbala announced the voting members of the Board; President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Past President, the three Directors, and the Affiliates Council President. Susan Schmidt was introduced as Parliamentarian.

President Cimbala requested that all reports for distribution be placed on the empty table at the back of the room after giving one copy of the report to each Board member. If anyone needs reports from the previous Board meeting or after Midwinter, please contact Pat Brill and she will send you copies.

An attendance sheet was circulated among those present. Cimbala requested that all reports and comments be kept short and to the point. On an informal basis, Cimbala asked this to be a non-smoking meeting.

After the agendas were distributed, Cimbala noted the following revisions:

- Under "Old Business", added: Treasurer's Report, Myrtis Collins; Social Committee Report, Verdie Richburg; LAMA Liaison to JMRT, Winston Walden; and the Handbook Committee, Colleen Conway

- After the Archivist's Report, the following officers' reports were added: Affiliates Council President, Terri Tomchyshyn and MACE Director, Loretta Turnage

- Under "Committee Reports", Local Arrangements Committee, Connie Phelps, was moved to first on the list; Fundraising Committee, Cheryl Napsha, was moved from Sunday to Monday

- President's Program report, Bob Adamshick, was moved from Saturday to Sunday

- Shirley Olofson Committee Report, Randy Pederson, was moved from Monday to Sunday

- Grassroots Grants Committee, Sylvia Reimer, was moved from Monday to Sunday

Terri Tomchyshyn moved that the revised agenda for January 10, 1988 be accepted. Past President Walters seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.



Myrtis Collins, Treasurer, asked everyone to refer to page 1 of the Treasurer's Report. After Saturday's Board meeting, Collins had reviewed updated figures with ALA and reported the following amounts:

- Cash Balance (remains the same) $ 8,704.80

- Dues Income (Nov. 1987) 5,342.00

- Projected Dues Income (Dec-Aug 1988) 4,500.00

- Projected Fundraising 980.00

- Projected Other Income (Social) 2,500.00

- Projected Other Income (Exhilitors) 1,500.00

TOTAL $23,526.80

Next, Collins explained that at Saturday's Board meeting, she had presented a proposed revision of "Guidelines on Budgeting Expenditures" for the Board's approval. At that time, the Executive Board had postponed discussion of her proposal until Sunday so that everyone had an opportunity to review the two-page document.

Past President Walters moved that the Executive Board accept Collins report and direct the Handbook Committee to add the revision to all JMRT Handbooks. Elinor Barrett seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

President Cimbala informed everyone that the Final Budget would be discussed and approved on Monday, January 11.



SOCIAL COMMITTEE - Verdie Richburg

Verdie Richburg highlighted the advantages of having the JMRT Social at Club 4141 -- it is a two-level facility, no problem seating people if weather is inclement, our choice of band (Deacon John and the Ivories).

The Social Committee recommended Club 4141 as the site of JMRT's Social in New Orleans.

Melissa Laning moved to accept Club 4141 as-the site of JMRT's Social in New Orleans in 1988. Terri Tomchyshyn seconded the motion.


Walters raised a question regarding the food items which were to be served at the Social. She believed the amount, 13 food items per person, seemed a bit high for snacks that late in the evening. The price of drinks also seemed rather high.

Following the discussion of food and drink items, Cimbala directed the Social committee to cut back on the food and negotiate some more on the drink prices.

Tomchyshyn suggested that a differential price be charged for the Social tickets thus encouraging people to plan ahead.

There was a call for the vote on the original motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Terri Tomchyshyn moved that the Social Committee set a differential price on the tickets; $15.00 for tickets purchased by a date set by the Social Committee and $18.00 for tickets purchased after the designated date. Melissa Laning seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The site of JMRT's 1988 Social will be Club 4141 located in the Garden District of New Orleans with ticket prices set at $15.00 and $18.00.

President Cimbala thanked Verdie and her committee for all their hard work in helping select the Social site.


Winston Walden commented that, at JMRT's invitation, he became the LAMA Liaison to JMRT one year ago. Recently, the status of that position had been changed and Winston is now a Liaison from LAMA to JMRT. He said he would be very happy to answer any questions about LAMA; LAMA is always on the lookout for good members.


Walters mentioned that a great deal of discussion had taken place at the San Francisco Conference regarding the establishment of a fourth Director's position which would serve as a Liaison Coordinator to the JMRT Executive Board. At that time, suggested wording was presented by the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, but, as Walters reiterated, there was no documentation stating that this wording had ever been approved.

Walters read the proposed wording: "The officers of the organization shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three (3) Directors, all whom shall be members in good standing of JMRT." The wording that would be placed on the ballot in the spring would change the number 3 to .a number 4.

Past President Walters moved that the revised wording, changing the number of Directors from 3 to 4, be approved and appear on the spring ballot for approval by the JMRT membership and be added to the JMRT Constitution and Bylaws. Elinor Barrett seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Colleen Conway reported that on Saturday, the Handbook Committee had been given the charge of developing a procedure for streamlining the JMRT Handbook itself and the way in which it is passed on to new chairs. Conway read,the committee's recommendations: (SEE ATTACHMENT B)

Walters recommended the inclusion of an up-to-date "Table of Contents". Barrett suggested that a second table of contents be included showing exactly what each individual is receiving; not only what is available.

After some discussion, Barrett moved to accept the Handbook Committee's recommendation to be tried on an experimental basis for the 1988/89 term. Tomchyshyn seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Kendra reported that he had received files from four committees. He had also researched whether or not the Archives Committee should compile and keep a permanent file of FOOTNOTES and NEWSNOTES. Based on positive feedback from a survey regarding a permanent file for those two publications Kendra asked the Board's permission to proceed compiling and keeping permanent files of FOOTNOTES and NEWSNOTES. President Cimbala advised Kendra to proceed with the collection of files for the two newsletters.


Loretta Turnage said that each of her award committee chairs would report individually. She wanted to bring to the Board's attention the way in which FOOTNOTES receives copies of the Shirley Olofson "Memorial Award applications. In the past, the application. form for the Shirley Olofson Memorial Award was usually printed on one page in FOOTNOTES. This year, though, the Chair of the Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Committee had to send 1500 copies of the application to FOOTNOTES. Turnage suggested that the Board consider the cost factor here. It is more expensive to add extra pages versus one printed page in the newsletter. The 3M/JMRT Grant applications present no problem because 3M automatically prints up 1500 copies.

Barrett suggested an alternative to the inclusion of applications in FOOTNOTES. She suggested a first-class mailing to all JMRT members in late summer or early fall. This mailing would serve as a kickoff to the year with a greeting from the new President and include all of the award applications.

President Cimbala said she liked Barrett's idea, but she was reluctant to separate the award applications from FOOTNOTES. In the past, JMRT was always able to get these award applications mailed out in time for people to apply. Perhaps a duplicate mailing?

Ford said she liked the idea of the first-class letter and wondered what else could be placed in such a letter?

Cimbala thought a welcome to all new members would be appropriate. She thought there was some wording in the Goals and Objectives that suggested the President send letters to all new members.

Pertaining to the awards applications, the Board decided that Sharman Prouty should be asked to review the Goals and Objectives, investigate costs and prepare a report for the Annual Conference in New Orleans.


Terri Tomchyshyn reported that Colleen Conway had been elected as 1st Vice President/President Elect to the Affiliates Council.

Tomchyshyn told the Board that she was presently working on a report concerning the Hospitality Suite. She felt that the Board should examine whether or not to continue the Hospitality Suite in its present form. She had received notice of some problems in writing from previous Hospitality Suite Chairs namely; the cost for people who stay in the Suite and the number of people visting the Suite during the Conference. Her report will be completed in writing and presented at New Orleans.

Tomchyshyn explained that, because of some unforeseen problems, no recommendations for a New Orleans Hospitality Suite would be given at Midwinter. Connie Phelps from Local Arrangements planned to help by getting names of two or three hotels, would refer them to Mary Marcum Evans and Colleen Conway, and then a mail vote would take place. This task should be completed by the end of January.




Connie Phelps reported that her committee members had been assigned to act as liaisons with other JMRT committees and handle requests from those committees; collaborated with the ALA Local Arrangements Committee to put together a guidebook to the city of New Orleans, and will check on sites for the Hospitality Suite.

President Cimbala responded that she was happy to see the ALA Local Arrangements Committee and the JMRT Local Arrangements Committee working together once again.

FOOTNOTES - Elinor Barrett

Elinor Barrett reported for Sharman Prouty, Editor of FOOTNOTES. After highlighting parts of Prouty's written report, Barrett brought up the


of indexing FOOTNOTES from Vol. 1, No. 1 to the present at an estimated cost

of $100. Discussion regarding this had been held with Bill Kendra, JMRT Archivist, Lynn Martin, Editorial Board member, and Elinor Barrett,

Director. President Cimbala said it was premature to discuss the funding of a pro-

posed indexing. It would be best to wait until Kendra obtained all of the

back issues of FOOTNOTES and then talk about the cost of this undertaking.

Next, Barrett reported that the FOOTNOTES Editorial Board was requesting a $1900 budget increase to complete the year. This is a 50% increase from last year which was a 50% increase from the year before. The $1900 includes:

$1250 printing the June 1988 issue (12 pages)

$ 50 mailing permit

$ 300 increased postage

$ 300 miscellaneous expenses

Tomchyshyn commented that FOOTNOTES should be a top quality form of communication. Many members cannot or do not attend conferences so the JMRT newsletter is the only written communication they see. She said--go with it!

Laning asked what the increase was for? Barrett replied that the majority was for the actual printing of the newsletter and the increase to 12 pages.

Barrett brought up another problem--that of bulk mailing. The January newsletter was very late; it took almost one month for some individuals to receive a copy.

Tomchyshyn said that 12 pages was an ambitious plan--cut back to 8 pages and send first-class.

Turnage suggested getting a flat price from the printer for all four issues--even though two issues would be 8 pages and two would be 12 pages.

After some discussion regarding the number of issues, Past President Waiters said that JMRT is committed to two more issues and no changes can occur until Karin Ford begins her term as President. Walters said--give Sharman Prouty what she needs now and give her priorities to follow.

Bulk mailing was also discussed. Due to the large cost increase for first-class mail, Cimbala felt it would be best to stick with bulk and meet deadlines.

Regarding current funds, Barrett said there was enough money left for one 12-page issue. The following is needed for one additional issue:

$1200.00 12-page issue

300.00 postage (increase in membership)

50.00 mailing permit

$1550.00 TOTAL

Walters moved to table the FOOTNOTES discussion and budget increase request until Monday and direct Elinor Barrett to present a recommendation on how much money the Board should give Sharon Prouty to finish out this year. Ford seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Ford moved to extend the meeting to 4:30 pm. Laning seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Jana Lonberger summarized her written report. COGNOTES has a new physical format. Previously, an 11 x 17" folded sheet was used and folded down the middle. The new simplified format, 8 x 11" sheets stapled in one corner, was adapted to eliminate delays in getting the newsletter on time from the printer. Lonberger presented the following items for consideration and discussion:

- distribution has been a headache for the COGNOTES Committee. On the advice of the Conference Arrangements Office, the committee decided to forego placing COGNOTES in conference hotels. The hotels refused to display the newsletters in a prominent position and tossed out or hid issues behind counters. This year, the committee plastered the Conference Center with issues in several locations. They are also trying to get a stand outside of the Exhibit Hall.

Walters suggested submitting an article to the library journals explaining the change in the distribution of COGNOTES from hotels to the Conference Center. She also suggested that the committee try to get copies distributed on the buses the first morning--hand each person an issue as they board the buses.


- need more committee members for annual Conference in New Orleans. Current members work 4-5 hours per day on COGNOTES.

- two recent developments regarding the future of COGNOTES need

to be evaluated; ALA's effort to obtain vendor support for the newsletter and Bowker's plan to begin publication of a separate

conference newsletter at the 1988 Annual Conference.

Lonberger said that she and other JMRT representatives had met with Marcia Kuszmaul, ALA JMRT Staff Liaison, and brainstormed about the future of COGNOTES. ALA's opinion was that Bowker's publication would have a different focus from that of JMRT. It would include many paid ads and the articles would come from press releases rather than reporters. Lonberger was attempting to set up a meeting with John Berry at Midwinter to find out more details. Meantime, JMRT is leaning toward "business as usual"; sit tight and see what happens.

- the COGNOTES table in the ALA area is the only place affiliated with JMRT. As a result, COGNOTES table has been bombarded with questions regarding JMRT. To take away these interruptions, Cimbala suggested that Marsha Kuszmaul be approached for a separate table in the ALA area and Ponnappa, Booth Committee Chair, was asked to coordinate the JMRT table supplies along with the JMRT booth.

Barrett commended the COGNOTES Committee on an outstanding job.


Bob Adamshick informed everyone that the President's Program title for the New Orlean's Conference is "Landing That First Job--The First Step to Leadership in 2020". All speakers had been contacted and all agreed to speak:

- Kaycee Hale, Executive Director of the Resource Center at the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing in Los Angeles (Professional Self Image)

- Philip Leinbach, Head Librarian at Tulane (Library Personnel)

- Debra Briggs, Librarian at University of Michigan (Preparing for Library Interviews)

- Lorene Brown, Dean Atlanta SLIS (Library Hiring-Minority Concerns)

- Joyce Taylor, Indianapolis Public Library (Proper Dress for Interviews)

The committee also worked on:

- extensive public relations

- received permission from ALA to have the Briggs/Naslund article distributed at the program

- preparing evaluation forms

- may need money for printing 500 copies of program. Will try to get vendor support through Peggy Royster, Exhibitor Contact and Relations


Elizabeth Reed reported that all of the committee members had received their assignments for the COGNOTES Manual. The manual should be ready for final approval at the ALA Conference in New Orleans.

The Membership Promotion and Relations Committee report and the Minorities Recruitment Committee report were deferred until Monday.


Valerie Horton commented on the goals of this committee and some alternate ways of publicizing leadership information. Horton recommended that the Board consider continuing the Ad Hoc Leadership Development Committee for one year and cut back from two programs to one program at Midwinter during the 1988-89 term.

Vice President Ford moved that the Ad Hoc Committee on Leadership Development be continued through 1988-89 and continue carrying out a program at the 1989 Midwinter Conference. At that time, the Ad Hoc Committee will be reevaluated to determine if it should be dropped or become a permanent committee. Laning seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Randy Pederson reported that his committee had received only three applications this year. The committee selected two individuals; one gave a verbal acceptance, Judy Jeng from the University of Delaware. The second name will be announced when contacted.

Because of the low number of applicants this year, Pederson made two recommendations to the Board: consider changing criteria from "second conference" to "up to fifth conference" or drop this requirement completely and consider presenting four awards next year since only two were being presented this year.


Horton thought it was a great idea. Laning felt that a little boost ws necessary to keep it going. Schmidt remarked that first-time conference goers are very confused. But, if they attend a second conference, they feel more confident and have their act together.


Walters suggested that the award be given to individuals who are attending their first conference as JMRT members.

Walters moved to extend the Executive Board meeting to 5:00 p.m. Barrett seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Walters moved that the Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Committee consider the suggestions that were presented, get more information and criteria for the Shirley Olofson Memorial Award, and make a recommendation at the Annual Conference in New Orleans. Ford seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Sylvia Reimer reported that 18 Baker and Taylor JMRT Grassroots Grants were awarded during the 1987-88 term to date. Recipients's names will appear in the next issue of FOOTNOTES. A date has not been set for the breakfast. Reimer will check with Baker and Taylor and attempt to get a definite date by Monday's Board meeting.


Cimbala commented on the breakfast that she and other JMRT Board members had attended that morning. The breakfast was given by Karla Stoffel, candidate for ALA Treasurer. Cimbala said the breakfast had been both entertaining and enlightening. Everyone was favorably impressed with Karla. Cimbala had been approached by Karla's campaign manager and asked if JMRT would be willing to endorse a candidate. Cimbala asked for input. Barrett liked the idea of a candidate's forum where the JMRT membership could have some input. Walters was pleased with the invitation, but had some mixed feelings.

Cimbala said that if JMRT decided to endorse a candidate for Treasurer, they would also have to look at the President's candidates and make a choice.

Cimbala explained that earlier in the day she had sent letters to the other Treasurer's candidate and the two President's candidates asking them to attend a JMRT Board meeting and give a short presentation about their candidacy. The candidates for President were planning to attend Monday's Board meeting.

Walters remarked that there could be some sort of middle ground without actually endorsing a candidate. One suggestion was to place an objective and informational article in FOOTNOTES explaining the candidates and perhaps asking the membership to consider a particular candidate when voting. Ford said she liked Walter's idea about a FOOTNOTES article and said that one of the officers who attended the breakfast could write something for the spring issue. Laning suggested the candidate'sforum idea might be a good topic for the Membership Meeting in New Orleans.




Vice President Ford made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Laning seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Brill

ALA/JMRT Secretary