NMRT Committee Timeline Report



Date: Oct. 23, 2002


Committee Name: Archives Committee


Specific Timeline for Year's Activities: Midwinter to Midwinter



January: Submit Archives Planning Report to NMRT Board

Gather Progress reports from committee chairs


February: Develop guidelines for drafting of Exec. Board Minutes by NMRT Secretaries


March: Input NMRT Committee Planning Reports into Archives database


April May: Gather & provide access to past committee reports, proposals, & rosters


June: Submit Archives Progress report to NMRT Board

Finalize Minutes guidelines for in-coming NMRT Secretary

Gather Final reports from outgoing committee chairs


July Aug: Gather Planning reports from committee chairs


Sept.- Nov: Input Planning Reports into Archives database

Continue to input various other documents into Archives database as requested


December: Prepare Archives Final Report for Midwinter


Addendum submitted by: Anna M. Ferris


Email address: anna.ferris@colorado.edu