Addendum to Committee Planning Report, 2002-2003: Timeline




Committee Name:  Diversity Committee


Specific Timeline for Year's Activities


Review notes from Annual Conference.  Send out any information that was promised at Annual Conference (i.e., names, addresses, documents).  Start to compile list of committee members.  Contact other committee chairs about prospective minority members for their committees.


Review files from previous years.  Send list of committee members to President.   Start plans/timetable for upcoming year.


 Schedule Midwinter Conference.  Submit planning report to President.   Write committee members, sketching plans for the year, soliciting ideas/information for Midwinter, setting up appropriate subcommittees, assigning specific tasks, etc.


Review information on Diversity Committee in NMRT Handbook.  Consider any changes and/or goals that aren't being met.  Proceed accordingly.


Contact Diversity subcommittees about specific tasks.  Offer ideas and timetables for tasks to be completed.  Schedule Annual Conference.


Make final plans for Midwinter. Contact any key individuals for input/information.


Write committee members, stating plans for Midwinter (dates/times of meetings, subjects to consider) and requesting their attendance. 


            Have committee meetings.   Attend NMRT Board meetings and orientation.


Review notes from Midwinter.  Send out any information that was promised at Midwinter (i.e., names, addresses, documents).

Addendum submitted by:  Meredith P. Goins


Email address:  mgoins@amputee-coalition.org