Addendum to Committee Planning Report, 2002-2003: Timeline



Date: October 28, 2002


Committee Name:  NMRT Mentoring Committee


Specific Timeline for Year's Activities

July: Co-chairs introduced themselves to committee and set objectives and
priorities for the year.

August: Planning report prepared and distributed to NMRT Board and committee

September-November: Contacts with other ALA committees to promote mentoring program at ALA Midwinter and develop relationships for broadening an on-going mentoring program. Send mentor program announcement and application to (1) Student and Student Chapter Outreach Committee (2) Publicity Committee (3) Affiliate and state associations.

November: Footnotes copy due.

November-December: Establish online submission form for interested participants in the
mentoring program for ALA conference.

January: Midwinter meeting. Submit Progress Report.

February-April: Review of Midwinter meeting. Establish list of participants for web site. Continue to update website and contacts for broadening program.

March: Footnotes copy due

April-May: Publicize Annual meeting mentoring program; pair mentors and mentees; notify
mentors and mentees of responsibilities and procedures.

June: Send Students-to-ALA reception invitations to program participants and committee members, send invitation for program participants to meet in the assigned room next to NMRT Social. Organize Annual conference meeting(s). Submit Final Report.


Addendum submitted by: 

Kristin Arnett, Co-Chair

Susi Swis, Co-Chair                            


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