MIDWINTER 1987/Chicago, IL Saturday, January 17, 1987

Americana Congress/Lincoln Room


ATTENDANCE: Rebecca Taylor, Gregory Wool, James Mouw, Bill

Kendra, Elinor Barrett, Randy Pederson, Jenifer Abramson, Terri Tomchyshyn, Annette Demaree, Beverly Martin, Gina Millsap, Diane

D. Johnson, Cynthia H. Comer, Melissa Laning, Phoebe Janes,

Kathleen Moeller-Peiffer, Olivia B. Wallace, Laura Sullivan,

Peggy Royster, Beth Hanson, Sara Behrman, Erlene Bishop Killeen,

Pat Brill, Joseph Paul Friedman, Toni Friedman, Ruth Magnussen,

Bobbi Walters, Diane J. Cimbala, Myrtis Collins, Kathy Kaldenberg, Anders Dahlgren, Diane Bisom, Valerie

Platz, Mary Marcum Evans, Cheryl Bernero, Dominque Coulombe, Carol Rickert


The meeting was called to order by President Bobbi Walters at 10:11 a.m. Walters asked that those in attendence to please introduce themselves. Introductions were made and voting members of the Board were announced. Only the Affiliates Council President may vote for the Affiliates Council at this time. Walters also announced that the main agenda items for the day's business would be officer and committee reports. The agendas for the next two meetings were passed out. Walters asked for any revisions. There were no revisions to the day's agenda. Cynthia Comer moved to accept the agenda for 1/17/87; Diane Cimbala seconded. Motion passed.


Walters re-iterated that if any JMRT members needed to copy their committee reports, the ALA Conference Office at the Hilton has photocopying machines and that the JMRT charge number was to be used.

Walters then requested any corrections to the JMRT Directory. Cynthia Comer announced her new zip code: 44074. Annette Demaree's correct zip code is 46214. Laura Sandmann, Library Education Assembly Liaison, has a new last name: SULLIVAN.


Bobbi Walters commended Elena Carvajal for a great job done on COGNOTES issue #1. Walters also announced that the minutes from Annual Conference in New York were to be voted upon on Monday.

There were no items of old business.




--commended the Midwinter Activities Chair, Pat Brill for a fine job in coordinating activities.

--wrote to the various ALA units requesting that JMRT set up permanent liaisons with these units. As yet she has not received any responses.

--would like the various JMRT committees which are meeting in San Franclso to "brainstorm" and come up with suggestions for ideas for future committees.

--encouraged those committees planning meeting times to attempt not to conflict with major JMRT events at Annual Conference.

--solicited ideas, thoughts, feelings on what could be included on the Agenda for the Membership Meeting at Annual Conference. Bobbi especially wants to enhance the program for first time Conference-goers.



--requested copies of all committee, liaison and officer correspondence.

--presently in the process of appointing committees for next year and requested recommendations in writing to be sent or given to her.

--announced that there was to be an informal meeting at 12:30 p.m. in the Hilton Williford Room B regarding planning events for the Annual Conference in New Orleans (1989). Diane is need of issues, topics, and input from members for program topics.



--itemized the allocations which have been made.

--requested that committees make their needs known on or before Monday's Executive Board meeting so that the budget can be discussed and approved.

--requested that everyone please document their monies on the request forms.



--monitored Goals and Objectives, Leadership Development, and Nominations Committees.

--worked diligently with Quality Books to coordinate a Past President's Reception honoring JMRT Past Presidents. Reception is going to be held on Saturday evening from 6-8 p.m. at the Hilton; Suite number available from the Quality Books Booth. To date, Anders received RSVP's from 20 people.


DIRECTORS CONFERENCE ARRANGEMENTS/Erlene Bishop Killeen --announced that there had been many changes in committee assignments.


--corresponded and coordinated the various activities of the Local Arrangements, SALA, Social, Orientation, President's Program, Membership Program, and the Booth Committees.


--monitored correspondence with Grassroots Grants, Membership Promotion and Relations, Minorities Recruitment, Shirley Olofson Memorial Award and 3M/JMRT Professional Development Grant Award Committees.

--emphasized this year publicity on the various Awards and the Membership and Grassroots Grants have been working jointly.


--oversaw the activities of COGNOTES, COGNOTES Procedures (adhoc), Exhibitor Contact and Relations, FOOTNOTES, Handbook, and Publicity Committees.

--requested verification of who is to pay for the ribbons - JMRT or ALA. To date, these are not reflected in JMRT's budget.

President Bobbi Walters announced that there will be a joint meeting of all the Conference Arrangements Committees to coordinate activities, troubleshoot and discuss exhibitor support on Sunday from 9:30-11 a.m.




--announced that this year there was a more concentrated effort on publicity with flyers being distributed at the Registration Desk.

--informed everyone that the Social was to be held at Jukebox Saturday Night and tickets were being sold by her committee and could be purchased at the conclusion of the Orientation Program. The dress is casual - 50's/60's theme; there will be a cash bar and buffet. The school bus will leave from the 8th St. Hilton entrance and return transportation will be up to the individual.

--outlined the agenda for Orientation which will include four speakers: Regina Minudri, ALA President with an introduction and welcome; ALA/JMRT President, Bobbi Walters with welcome and background information on JMRT; Mary Jaros, Director of Public Relations, Hilton Hotel will highlight hotel facilities, security and safety measures, transportation and entertainment ideas; and Dr. David Claerbaut, professor, psychologist, motivational speaker will address "why people choose service professions" and how to avoid burnout.

--announced that FAXON Co. is providing the funding for Dr. Claerbaut; and the evaluation forms this year were in post card format with six questions.



--has been working on JMRT's name and image. There has been preliminary discussion on this. The committee will continue to poll JMRT's members on this subject and will then make formal recommendations to Diane Cimbala next year.

--established procedures for adding and dissolving liaisons which previously had been done in an informal manner.

--explored the fundraising function of JMRT and where it fits within the JMRT framework - a standing committee or a sub-group of the Exhibitor Contact and Relations Committee? Formal recommendation is forthcoming at Annual Conference in San Francisco.

Elinor Barrett announced that she welcomes input regarding the procedures for adding and dissolving liaisons. Hopefully a formal recommendation will come before the Board at Annual Conference.



--reported that there are three items for action: a) making the Minorities Recruitment Committee a standing committee with the chair having a two-year term. b) making the Liaisons Coordinator a two-year position. c) establishing the COPES Liaison as formal two-year position. Clarence Chisholm, former chair of the Minorities Recruitment Committee, recommended that the committee chairs be two-year terms.

President Bobbi Walters announced that this item will be listed under Old Business and will be voted on Sunday evening. She also reminded the Board that once Board takes action on this, these three items (if passed) will then go on to the general membership

for final voting.



--sent letters to Exhibitors with whom JMRT has dealt before to generate any interest.

--solicited any ideas for asking Exhibitors for money and support.

--has received two formal requests for Exhibitor Support: a) President's Program Committee requested $7500 to possibly feature Jonathan Kozol at Annual Conference. Beth then contacted 17 Marketing Directors of Library Exhibitors and Book Publishers. To date, no responses. b) Midwinter Activities Committee requested money for their speaker at the Orientation Program.

--requested that if any other committees are in need of Exhibitor Support to inform Beth by the end of January so that she can complete the formal procedures application.


SOCIAL/Toni & Joe Friedman

--commented that the Social and Local Arrangements Committee are practically the same this year.

--informed the Board that the Committee met three times; called 31 different places and visited 18 sites.

--narrowed the choices to Trocadero Transfer and Showplace Galleria. Both places are south of Market Street (main street in San Francisco) in the industrial/warehouse area of town.

A slide show was given of the two choices.

--recommended that the site of JMRT's Social be Trocadero Transfer since it had a more intimate atmosphere and an excellent sound system.

Erlene Bishop Killeen moved to accept the recommendation of the Social Committee; Myrtis Collins seconded the motion. Discussion followed.

--Toni detailed the "nitty gritties" of the site and highlighted the fact that Trocadero Transfer included exclusive rights to the entire site for the evening of the JMRT Social; a no bar guarantee; drink tickets would run around $3.25.

--recommended that tickets be priced at $12 prior to Conference and $15 at Conference.

Cynthia Comer recommended that the ticket not include the price of one free drink; thus using the extra money for the hot snacks rather than drinks. Bobbi Walters recommended that money be added on to the ticket price and use the extra money for another program/group such as "Freedom to Read" Foundation. etc. Jim Mouw raised the issue that if JMRT solicited vendor support and added $1 to the ticket price, then vendors could donate "matching" funds to such a cause. Elinor Barrett recommended that JMRT should tie this in with the literacy program and use that as a selling point in ticket promotion.


There was a call for the vote. The motion passed - the site of JMRT's 1987 Social will be Trocadero Transfer with ticket prices being $12 prior to Conference and $15 at Conference.



President Walters commended Toni & Joe for all their hard efforts in selecting the site.

Further discussion ensued:

coat check availability

need for extra tables

extra snacks


Diane Cimbala recommended that JMRT maintain the price of the tickets as recommended by the Social Committee. It was further recommended that there was no need for extra tables if a coat check was available. Extra food snacks ($500) was to be included; the free drink ticket could be used at the Espresso Bar as well as at the other bars. No monies were to be expended for a live band.


President Walters further requested that everyone should think of appropriate organizations for funding if JMRT decided to donate any proceeds as well as requesting vendors to 'match' funding for this event. This will then be an item under Old Business on Monday's Executive Board's agenda.



--recommended that the Board proceed goal by goal so that she could entertain questions and comments regarding changes.

President Walters expressed concern that in GOAL A/Objective 5 that there be some reference to MACE (Membership, Awards, and Continuing Education Committee).


Erlene Bishop Killeen expressed her view that GOALS A B and C be reworded so that JMRT can "encourage" - JMRT can't force people to BE responsible (i.e. "Librarians WILL be ....") but rather ENCOURAGE etc.

It was also recommended that JMRT be the noun of each of the GOALS; therefore it is something to which members can strive to achieve.


Erlene also recommended that under GOAL C/Objective 5/e that the word "low-cost" be deleted from restaurant guide.


Diane Cimbala moved that the meeting be extended to 12:45 p.m. Erlene Bishop Killeen seconded. Motion passed.


Under GOAL E/Objective 4, it was recommended that perhaps the Fundraising Adhoc Committee be included as a means of JMRT becoming a more self-sufficient round table and that in Objective 1 of GOAL E - add the word "stabilize" so that the statement reads: "JMRT will stabilize its present dependence on present exhibitor support while increasing round table funding".


President Bobbi Walters requested that the Goals and Objectives Committee incorporate the recommendations of the Board and re-submit the changes in wording for approval on Monday's Executive Board's agenda. Diane Cimbala moved that this request be formally made into a motion. Myrtis Collins seconded. Motion passed.



--reported that the future of the Committee is yet to be determined; report will be forthcoming at Annual Conference in San Francisco.

--recommended that this Committee should definitely become a standing committee of JMRT.

--announced that the mugs have arrived and are selling in the ALA store during Midwinter cost $5.

ORIENTATION/Clarence Chisholm

--requested that the "Information Round About" (formerly featured at the end of the Orientation Program at Annual Conference) be moved to the SALA Reception.


Erlene Bishop Killeen moved to accept the recommendation of the Orientation Committee. Terry Tomchyshyn seconded.


Discussion followed regarding how the information on the various units of ALA should be handled - perhaps packet form. It was also recommended that invitations to the SALA function should be sent to the individual ALA unit representatives in order to facilitate interaction amongst students and ALA unit reps.


--outlined the Orientation Program and speakers featured:

Bobbi Walters/JMRT President

Margaret Chisholm/ALA President-Elect

Willie L. Brown Jr.

Margo Crist - How to do Conference

Nancy Joyce Peters - "Literary San Francisco"

--informed the Board that the program was in keeping with the diversity theme of the Conference; specifically "Images of Librarlanship and How They See Us"


Diane Cimbala moved to extend the meeting to 1 p.m. Myrtis Collins seconded. Motion passed.


GRASS ROOTS/Randy Pederson

--informed the Board that 18 Grass Roots Grants were awarded in various local state JMRT chapters. The names of the winners will be included in FOOTNOTES and NEWSNOTES.

--announced that there are presently 10 states not participating in this award program.



Terry Tomchyshyn informed the Board that in the Oct/Nov 1986 issue of Wilson Library Bulletin, there was a very negative article on "under 30 llbrarlans". She suggested that the JMRT President take action by writing a letter to the editor, Will Manley, denouncing such incredulous slander.



The Goals and Objective Committee will be meeting Monday morning at 8 a.m. The Liaisons meeting has been cancelled. Diane Cimbala reminded all that the Conference Planning for New Orleans Conference is taking place following the conclusion of Sunday's Affiliates Council.

Diane Cimbala moved that the meeting be adjourned; Terry Tomchyshyn seconded. Motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 12:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Rickert Secretary