Committee Planning Report

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**Type of report being submitted: Committee Planning Report


**Date: 9/06/2002



**Committee Name:  Booth Committee




**Supervising Board Member:  Nadine Flores




**Chair, Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs:  Chrissie Anderson Peters and Amanda Roberts, Co-Chairs




**Committee members:  Janalyn Moss

Donnelle Scott

Bruce Stoffel

CJ Woodworth Wong




**Committee Charge:  “The Booth Committee purpose is to provide an opportunity to promote ALA and NMRT membership and a location for information exchange.  In addition, the Committee makes arrangements for the NMRT "Traveling Booth" to be exhibited at state, regional and divisional conferences.” – from the NMRT webpage,, accessed on August 28, 2002.





**2002 - 2003 Project Description / Goals: 


1)      To secure a literature rack that may be used at future conferences without the prohibitive costs of renting one annually. We are in hopes that Quality Books will store and ship this item along with other equipment for the Booth Committee.

2)      To increase visibility of the NMRT Booth by improving location of banner if at all possible. The banner is not large and apparently cannot be hung in Exhibit Halls for Annual Conferences, so we hope to find a better way to display it in order to attract more people to stop by and check us out.

3)      To further promote the organization through creating a Booth display that may be read more easily by those who visit the Booth.

4)      To keep a professional look and feel to the Booth while also creating a welcoming and fun atmosphere to those who visit us in the Booth at ALA.

5)      To attempt to give everyone who visits the Booth an opportunity for further involvement with NMRT through entry forms for a gift basket that we hope to award next June in Toronto. Also, it is our hope to be able to give everyone who visits us something with the NMRT logo on it, to help advertise who we are and what we are about (i.e., literature about the organization, pens/pencils, calendars, totebags, candy, etc.).




**Specific Objectives (numbers, tangible end-products): 

1)      We want to keep a record of how many people visit the Booth in order to help future Committees plan more easily and accurately.

2)      Plan, transport, set up, stock, staff, and break down the NMRT Booth at Annual 2003 in Toronto.

3)      Solicit a vendor to donate a literature rack to the Booth.

4)      Solicit vendor assistance in storing and shipping the proposed literature rack.

5)      Create NMRT promotional/informational materials to be distributed at Booth.

6)      Create webpage for Booth volunteer schedule.

7)      Collect, purchase, and transport supplies to stock Booth.




Financial Report Section:

Your budget appropriation (see budget)

a. 300

Amount which you have spent so far this year

b. 0

Your estimated additional expenses this year

c. 600

Total of amount spent and additional "estimated" expenses for this year (b+c)

d. 300

Difference between budgeted amount and total expenses from above (a-d)

e. 300


f. Vendor support planned or anticipated for the year (either money or in-kind gifts), list here: 

1)      Literature Rack (purchase)

2)      Literature rack storage and shipping

3)      NMRT logo stickers (500)

4)      NMRT bags (to be shared with Orientation Committee)



g. Vendor support requested: (From the above list, what, if any, has been requested from the Exhibitor Contact and Relations Committee?)

None, as of yet.





h. Vendor support received: (From the above list, what if any, has been received?)

            None, as of yet.




Specific Needs/Support (non-financial): (For the categories below, please include approximate date service needed)

a. Web Support (help with webpage creation, web form creation, web database, web database, scripting, etc):  One of our committee members has already volunteered to do it, and our committee has enough shared web skills. We just need the basic standards for it, the NMRT logo, and where/when to ftp the pages. We anticipate that we should have a web presence no later than 6-8 weeks prior to ALA Annual Conference.





b. On-site conference volunteers: (include estimated numbers needed and brief job description)

Preferably, about 15-20 people to help staff the Booth throughout the course of the Conference. We have 6 Committee members who will likely do so, but we hope to recruit at least a dozen more NMRT members to assist after we have set-up and before we tear-down.


c. Publicity planned for the committee (posting to other discussion lists, official press release for webpage, etc.): 

1)     Posting to NMRT-L listserve to solicit volunteers for Booth

2)     Posting to various graduate library science and state/regional email discussion lists that students and others interested in NMRT should drop by Booth, collect info, submit name for prize, etc.

3)     Article in Footnotes (issue before Annual Conference)




**Report submitted by:  Chrissie Anderson Peters and Amanda Roberts


**Email address: (Chrissie); (Amanda)