Sunday, January 19, 1986

Chicago Hilton, Williford Room B 8:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Attending were: Robert Adamshick, Rosemary Arneson, Elinor Barrett, Barbara Beaton, Sara Behrman, Cheryl Bernero, Diane Bisom, Karen Bohrer, Pat Brill, Diane Cimbala, Myrtis Cochran Collins, Cynthia Comer, Donna Cranmer, Anders Dahlgren, Larayne Dallas, Cathy Doyle, Mary Marcum Evans, Karin Ford, Elaine Franco, Lilah Gainey, Lucy Heckman, Joseph Harzbecker, Beth Hanson, Mary Hicks, Dorice Horne, Karen Kaluzsa, Kathy Kaldenberg, Erlene Bishop Killeen, Jim Kopp, Jana Lonberger, Gail Mc Millan, Ruth Magnussen, Betsy Peck, Sharman Prouty, Joseph Rice, Peggy Royster, Laura Sandmann, Susan Schmidt, Becky Taylor, Terri Tomchyshyn, Bobbi Walters

President Anders Dahlgren called the meeting to order at 8:10 p.m.

Reports were passed around and introductions were made.

The motion to approve the agenda was made by Killeen and seconded by Bohrer. It was approved.

Secretary's Report--Cathy Doyle--There were minor changes to the Annual Conference minutes. Cranmer moved that the minutes be approved. Bohrer seconded. The motion carried.


The discussion of the Social resumed. Since Heckman could not reach the management of the Tower Suite over the weekend she contacted Social Committee member Fred Gitner. Gitner said the Tower Suite could seat 40-400 people for dinner; 600 plus could have cocktails. There was no size given on the dance floor, but it would be large enough. There would be no extra food except for vegtables from the caterers.

The Social Committee met Saturday afternoon and voted to recommend that the social be held at Studio 54. Karen Kaluzsa pointed out that it had just been redecorated and Karen Bohrer stated that a great deal of publicity could be gained from its famous name.

Sandmann inquired if it would appeal to the older crowd. Heckman said the music can be programmed to appeal to all ages. Killeen pointed out that we can't depend on the "older set"; they might be going to the theater anyway.

Dahlgren inquired about the availabilty of drink tickets. Heckman said they could be used and would be averaged into the price of the tickets. Cost would be about $3.50. Bohrer pointed out that these things should be decided separately.

Bohrer moved that the JMRT Conference Social be held at Studio 54. Cranmer seconded the motion. Dahlgren called for discussion on the motion.

Hanson asked where we'd get the money for the deposit from. Heckman said we could put down less than the entire $1990 when the contract was signed.

Comer inquired if the general public would also be there on the night of the social. Heckman replied that the club would be closed to the public.

Cranmer asked if a roll call vote on the motion was appropriate. Dahlgrern said that a voice vote would be taken unless the vote was close.

The motion to hold the Social at Studio 54 carried.

The price of the tickets was discussed next. The committee recommended $15 in advance and $18 at the door. Heckman pointed out that the cover charge at Studio 54 was usually $20, so we were giving people a bargain.


Cranmer moved that the price of the tickets for the Social be $15 in advance and $18 at the door, with one drink ticket. Doyle seconded the motion. Dahlgren asked if there was any discussion on the motion.

Killeen said that the NY conference was the most heavily attended so that the Social could count on a higher attendance figure. She suggested that the price be lowered. Bohrer asked about prices in the past. Kaluzsa replied that in Chicago last summer they had been $13/advanced and $15/door. Killeen once again stated that the price should remain what it had been in the past.

A vote was taken and the motion to set ticket prices at $15 for purchase in advance and $18 for purchase at the door passed with Killeen dissenting.

Comer inquired if snacks would be available. Heckman said yes, but at an extra charge. Dry snacks could be purchased wholesale and brought to the club the night of the Social.

Walters asked about entertainment. Heckman replied that it was not included, but was available for an extra price. Dahlgren suggested that this might be paid for by an exhibitor, like last year. Kopp said that this would not be a plus. Walters asked if the committee could come back with alternatives to present to the board. Heckman agreed.


Affiliates Council President--Elaine Franco--Distributed second draft of Affiliates Development Guidelines passed out. This has been revised by the Affiliates Council. A mail vote of the voting members of the Executive Board will be taken after they are sent a revised copy. Funding for the printing was based on a book form, but the current plan is to print it in flyer form which will cost much less. She inquired if she should try and obtain exhibitor support. Dahlgren asked if she needed a budget increase. She said she needed to think about it. Cranmer suggested that she bring the matter up on Monday during the budget discussion if she did.

Franco also asked if anyone who had more that one appointment objected to only receiving one copy of Newsnotes. No one objected.

First Vice-President, Affiliates Council--Terry Tomchyshyn--Terry reported that she was having some problems with postage and currency conversion from Canada to the US. It was suggested that she post Newsnotes in the US next year. Killeen suggested that a deposit account be set up, since the Canadian dollar is so weak. Barrett suggested that Tomchyshyn get estimates and allow for a long lead time.

Tomchyshyn also asked for names to contact for affiliates in states where we have none now.

Second Vice-President, Affiliates Council--Kathy Kaldenberg-Various sites for the suite were reviewed. The Omni Park was the best buy for the money. The Jackie Gleason Suite can house up to 10 with each person paying $35-40/night. The suite does have publicity potential. It will be open from 6 p.m. to midnight on Friday.

There was discussion on a priority system for accepting suite reservations. Cranmer suggested that this was the business of the Affiliates Council. The following general rules might apply:

1. Haven't roomed in suite before

2. Can stay all nights

3. Member of JMRT

4. Cognotes staff

5. Affiliates reps.

6. Library school students

Bohrer moved that the Omni Park suite be approved. Cranmer seconded. The motion passed.

Walters inquired how 10 people were going to fit into the suite. Kaldenberg said double beds would be used.


Kaldenberg stated that with a target price of $35-40/night we would need about $600 vendor support.

Bohrer moved that a target price of $35-40/night be set for suite residents. Walters seconded. Dalhgren asked for discussion on the motion.

Killeen asked how much it would cost to have 12 people in the suite. Kaldenberg replied $3,205. Killeen asked if the residents have to pay for the room service charge that was listed. Kaldenberg said no.

Barrett wondered if we should decrease exhibtor support. Dahlgren pointed out that this had been a problem in the past, since most vendors have their own suites and feel we are competition.

Killeen asked if the amount in the motion is an upper limit. Bohrer said this was her interpretation of her motion.

The motion to approve a target price of $35-40 for suite residents was voted on and passed.

Kaldenberg pointed out that some library schools inquired about having their reunions in the suite, with our food and drink. This will be discouraged. Minorities Recruitment Committee expressed a desire to host the suite for a time slot. If other committees are interested in hosting, contact Kathy.

Nominating--Barbara Beaton--The committee presented the slate of officers and council candidates for approval. A list was distributed. Vice-President/President-Elect--Diane Cimbala and Jim Kopp, Secretary--Rosemary Arenson and Carol Rickert, Treasurer-Beth Hanson and Jim Mouw, Director--Melissa Laning and Randy Wilson. For ALA Council by petition--Larayne Dallas, Jeannette Larson, Beverly Martin, and Valerie Platz. Council by Nominating: Elinor Barrett, Karen Bohrer, Elaine Franco and Charles Kratz.

Doyle moved approval of the list, with Cranmer seconding.

At this point the President passed the symbolic gavel to the Vice-President so he could address the meeting.

Dahlgren proposed an amendment to the slate, adding June Breland's name to the list of people proposed to the ALA Nominating Committee for Council. Bohrer seconded the amendment. The amendment passed.

The President then resumed his gavel.

The main motion to approve the Nominating Committee's list of candidates as amended was voted on and passed.

Fundraising--Terri Tomchyshyn for James Mouw--More mugs were ordered, following a mail vote of the voting members of the Board. Dahlgren pointed out that the last order was wrong and the manufacturer would only give a credit, so we're using that money up. Also, two unit logos previously missing and will now be added.


Comer moved to endorse the Executive Board's mail vote that more mugs be purchased. The motion was seconded by Walters. The motion passed.

Booth--Betsy Peck--The booth has been scheduled for several state conferences. The committee is looking into ways of increasing booth use and PR items to sell or give away beside the JMRT pins being considered as a membership promotional item. A questionnaire will be sent to booth users to get their input.

Local Arrangements--Sara Behrman--Committee has been working hard. Conference committees need to let their local arrangements liaison know what they need. Cimbala commented that the committee had been a great deal of help to her. Behrman also said she had prepared a list of cheap hotels in NYC.

Membership Program--Joseph Rice--Will highlight comparable worth. The committee welcomes suggestions for a reactor panel.


At this point the president reminded everyone that the deadline for program copy to ALA for the conference program book was Jan 27th. He advised all program committees to make this deadline.

President's Program--Clarence Chisholm--The program is in the process of being finalized at this point. Letters have been sent to library school deans and student government presidents. The program should be near SALA, so people can get there with little effort. He inquired if the Shirley Olofson winners should be recognized.

Dahlgren asked for the opinion of the Executive Board on this question. Walters asked if anything big was planned for the Membership Meeting, noting that it could use a little "content". Hanson stated that more people would attend the President's Program, giving the winners greater exposure. Cranmer suggested just mentioning the winners' names at the President's Program and giving out the checks at the Membership Meeting. Kopp then inquired when the winner of the scholarship would be announced. Cimbala said she did not think the Orientation program would be an approperiate place. Chisholm pointed out that the Olofson award was a president's award, so the President's Program might be the best place for it. Dahlgren said it would go to conference planning for resolution.

At this point a motion was made by Cranmer to extend the life of the meeting to 10:15 p.m. It was seconded by Doyle and passed.


Liaison Coordinator--Elinor Barrett--Met with liaisons at this conference and had a good session. Let her know of any improvements you'd like to see made.

ALA Membership--Mary Hicks--Written report will be submitted at a

later date.

Exhibitor Round Table--Beth Hanson--Introduced herself to exhibitors and told them about the Friendly Booth award. The ERT liaison to JMRT asked if she should be attending our meetings. Dahlgren said other liaisons usually don't come unless they're co-sponsoring something. He asked if we wanted them to come. The consensus seemed to be that it was not necessary.

Freedom to Read Foundation--Joseph Harzbecker--Went to a meeting which discussed cases the foundation is currently involved in. An article was run in Footnotes.

LAMA PAS--Elinor Barrett--Stated we would be co-sponsoring a program with LAMA PAS in New York on staff development. Dahlgren asked if we had been asked to co-sponsor "Who Me, Discriminate?" Barrett said the committee had decided against co-sponsoring this program, but that might change before the end of the conference.

Dahlgren inquired if there was any new business. There was none. He then inquired if there were any announcements. Arneson asked everyone to pick up handbook revisions. Kaldenberg asked people to pick up the Affiliates Council handouts. Bohrer announced a meeting of conference chairs on Monday and reminded everyone that the forms to run for office by petition are available from Barbara Beaton.

Cranmer moved that the meeting be adjourned at 10:15 p.m. Killeen seconded. The motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Doyle