NMRT Board Member 2002-2003 Planning Report


1. Office/name: Dora Ho, Past President

Committee supervised: Nominating and Strategic



2. How you plan to help committees address the four

NMRT goals (if itdoes not apply, put N/A):


Offer a variety of leadership roles to potential

candidates of the NMRT board by inviting them to run

for the upcoming election.



3. How you plan to create a positive committee

experience, including the frequency and type of

support you plan to provide to chairs and committee



Communicate to chairs and officers as frequent as

needed and advise them on delegating to committee

members as well as taking charge of the situation when

crisis arises.


4. Future directions you see your office or NMRT need

to take this year or the following year, including

strategies on how to address projects that

affect committees outside of your supervision:


Provide more leadership training for our membership so

that more people can assume the leadership role

whether it is chair position or part of the executive



5. Date of report:  December 11, 2002


6. Submitted by:  Dora Ho