NMRT Board Member 2002-2003 Planning Report



1. Office name: Outreach Director


2. How you plan to help committees address the four NMRT goals (if it does not apply, put N/A):


The goal of the Outreach Director is to: 1) identify a targeted audience who can benefit from the NMRT membership, especially traditionally underrepresented groups; 2) To insure promotion of a positive and professional image of the unit through dissemination of literature via the NMRT Booth; 3) via outreach activities and functions provided by SASCO & Student Reception Committees.


3. How you plan to create a positive committee experience, including the frequency and type of support you plan to provide to chairs and committee members:


Continual communication by way of emails and phone calls to chairs; chairs to committee members to assist in the progress of their committee goals. To set up an online chat session with chairs to chart progress.


4. Future directions you see your office or NMRT need to take this year or the following year, including strategies on how to address projects that affect committees outside of your supervision:


The Outreach Director's role should include developing programs in conjunction with the Network Director to assist in making the transition into other ALA units for NMRT members approaching the end of their membership. To streamline committee communication and activities in order to prevent repetitive and overlapping tasks, and redundant information.


5. Date of report: November 21, 2002


6. Submitted by: Nadine M. Flores