Committee Planning Report


**Type of report being submitted: Committee Planning Report

**Date: Sept. 10, 2002


**Committee Name: NMRT Membership Meeting and Program Committee


**Supervising Board Member: Sally Gibson                      

**Chair, Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs: Shelly McCoy


**Committee members:        Lisa Nickel         

                                                Catherine Woodworth Wong

            Ihsia Hu                          


**Committee Charge: To organize a program of interesting speakers for the NMRT Membership Meeting during the ALA Annual Conference


**2002 - 2003 Project Description / Goals:

Goal: To hold successful discussion on NMRT-L that members benefit from and to have successful attendance at the Membership Meeting.


**Specific Objectives (numbers, tangible end-products):


NMRT-L Discussion List Topics:

September: Homeland Security Issues --what has your library done differently since 9/11? Are you concerned that your library will be asked to turn over sign-in lists, etc.?

October: Travel Funding/Tips. With budget cuts, many library are not funding travel to conferences or have cut this amount drastically. What are some other sources for travel funds? How far in advance should you plan for conference travel? Money saving tips?

November: The new ALA Allied Association. Do you know what it is? Do you think it's a good idea? What have you done/what can you do to help this effort? Do you know how to get involved?

January: Mentoring. What experiences have you had as a mentor or mentoree? Does            your employer offer a school/employer offer a mentor program? How do you become a      mentor?

February: Time Management. Work Tasks vs. Professional Development. Tips on   how to balance both?

March: Career Advice. In the year of budget cuts, how do you market yourself to     find the job you want? Will retiring librarian help your job efforts, or will the jobs be      cut? What other challenges are there?

April: Library Recruitment Internationally. Have you looked into being a     Librarian in another country?  What opportunities are there?

May:     How to make the most out of committee appointments. How do you network your way into other committees/divisions in ALA? How do you find out which                committees are more active than others? What do you do if you're unsatisfied with a             committee you're on.


Financial Report Section:

Your budget appropriation (see budget)

a. $26

Amount which you have spent so far this year

b. 0

Your estimated additional expenses this year

c. 0

Total of amount spent and additional "estimated" expenses for this year (b+c)


Difference between budgeted amount and total expenses from above (a-d)

e. 0

f. Vendor support planned or anticipated for the year (either money or in-kind gifts), list here: possibly some kind of door prizes for coming to the meeting



g. Vendor support requested: (From the above list, what, if any, has been requested from the Exhibitor Contact and Relations Committee?) None



h. Vendor support received: (From the above list, what if any, has been received?) N/A


Specific Needs/Support (non-financial): (For the categories below, please include approximate date service needed) :

a. Web Support (help with webpage creation, web form creation, web database, web database, scripting, etc):

Will need web support in archiving discussions that occurred from the topics presented to NMRT-L (Above).


b. On-site conference volunteers: (include estimated numbers needed and brief job description)


c. Publicity planned for the committee (posting to other discussion lists, official press release for webpage, etc.):

Already posted ad for ideas in Footnotes

NMRT-L publicity of discussion topics and then to post the meeting program

Listing on NMRT list of events at ALA Annual

Conference program




**Report submitted by: Shelly McCoy, chair          

**Email address: