At the 2013 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Seattle, Washington, the ALSC Board of Directors:

Accepted, the 2013 Midwinter agenda with flexibility.

Approved, the consent agenda.

Accepted, the Sibert Poetry Eligibility Task Force report with corrections as noted.

Accepted, the draft Carnegie Medal/Notable Children’s Videos manual with revisions.

Supported, sponsorship on an ongoing basis of the United States Board on Books for Young People (USBBY) International Children’s Book Day, providing support to their booklists through the Quicklist Consulting Committee as requested and promoting the event, as ALSC resources allow, with recognition of this sponsorship to be developed in a Memorandum of Understanding.

Accepted, the clarification of purpose of and “New to ALSC” definitions for the New-to-ALSC Board of Directors position, as presented by the 2013 Nominating Committee chair.

Referred, ALSC Board Document #24, regarding the Caldecott 75th Anniversary celebration at the 2013 Newbery/Caldecott/Wilder Banquet, to the ALSC Budget Committee to determine budget implications.

Accepted, the recommendations of the ALSC Executive Committee with respect to changes in issuance frequency and format of Children and Libraries, with a request for further explanation of the value of HTML format for online journals.

Supported, the Every Child Ready to Read (ECRR) IMLS Grant Proposal, pending Budget Committee review.

Endorsed, an ALA Council memorial resolution honoring Dr. Kay Bishop.

Approved, the Organization and Bylaws Committee’s motion to change: 1) the function statement of the Library Services to Special Population Children and their Caregivers Committee to read: “To advocate for special populations children and their caregivers. To offer leadership in discovering, developing, and disseminating information about library materials, programs, and facilities for special population children and their caregivers; to develop and maintain guidelines for selection of useful and relevant materials; and to discuss, develop, and suggest ways in which library education programs can prepare librarians to serve these children and their caregivers.”; and 2) the Candlewick/Light the Way Award application to reflect the same language change.

Approved, the Organization and Bylaws Committee’s proposed language changes to Bylaw X, Sec. 2 and Bylaw IV, Sec. 3, regarding the New-to-ALSC Board of Directors position, to appear on the Spring ballot.

Declined, regretfully, the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) request for ALSC co-sponsorship of the Joint IFC/COL program at the 2013 ALA Annual Conference because the program time slot conflicts with the ALSC Membership Meeting.

Accepted, the dues adjustment proposal as submitted by the ALSC Budget Committee, and placement of the dues adjustment on the Spring ballot.

Approved, an allocation of up to $3,000 for the Newbery/Caldecott/Wilder Banquet project to highlight the celebration of the Caldecott 75th Anniversary.

Accepted, the ALSC Budget Committee’s recommendation to fund the Every Child Ready to Read grant proposal up to $100,000 to be distributed over a three-year period.

Accepted, the ALSC Budget Committee’s recommendation for the distribution of Friends of ALSC monies for: digitizing Children and Libraries archive (up to $6,000); marketing to new members (up to $1,000); ten tickets for the Newbery/Caldecott/Wilder Banquet ($1,000); and up to $440 for two preconference scholarships.

Agreed, to the establishment of a task force to create an online, multimedia Budget Committee manual.

Directed, the ALSC Councilor to vote to place the dues adjustment proposal on the ALA ballot given general agreement in Council that the Executive Board has effectively addressed concerns regarding a review and has plans to communicate to ALA membership cost reduction measures.