At the 2004 Midwinter Meeting in San Diego, January 9-14, the ALSC Board:

VOTED, to endorse the resolution proposed by the ALA Committee on Legislation’s Subcommittee on Privacy and endorsed by ALSC’s Legislation Committee: "Resolution on USA Patriot Act-Related Measures that Infringe on the Rights of Library Users."

VOTED, to modify the function statement of the ALSC Research and Development Committee to read: "To discover areas of library service to children in need of study and development, and to stimulate and encourage such research. To advance library service to children through the use of research and statistics. To educate children’s librarians on the value and use of research and statistics. To serve as a liaison to the ALA and division research committees as appropriate."

TABLED, a motion to further modification of the Research and Development Committee function statement.

VOTED, to modify the function statement of the Legislation Committee to read: "To serve as a channel of communication on legislative matters between the ALA Legislation Committee and the Division, recommending to the ALSC Board changes as necessary in federal, state, and local legislation proposed by the ALA Legislation Committee. To call to the attention of the ALA Legislation Committee and to recommend to the ALSC Board endorsement or revision of legislation affecting children that might be proposed or supported by the ALA Legislation Committee."

VOTED, to modify the function statement of the Quicklists Consulting Committee to read: "To serve as consultants and to promote books and other resources through recommendations, compilations of lists, and related services for mass media, individuals, and institutions/organizations in the production of programs, films, and other materials/services for children, their families, caregivers, and teachers. Requests will be made through the ALSC office. Quicklists Consulting Committee will function electronically. Attendance at conference will be optional with the exception of the committee chairs."

VOTED, to amend the function statement of the Library Services to Special Population Children and their Caregivers to read: "To speak for special populations children and their caregivers; these may include those who have learning and physical differences, those who are speaking English as a second language, those who are in a non-traditional school environment, those who are in non-traditional family settings (such as teen parents, foster children, children in the juvenile justice system, and children in gay and lesbian families), and those who need accommodation service to meet their needs. To offer leadership in discovering, developing and disseminating information about library materials, programs and facilities for special population children and their caregivers; to develop and maintain guidelines for selection of useful and relevant materials; and to discuss, develop and suggest ways in which library education programs can prepare librarians to serve these children and their caregivers.

VOTED, to add the investigation of a Research Award to the charge/responsibilities of the sitting ALSC New Awards Task Force.

VOTED, to modify the eligibility requirements for the ALSC Melcher and Bound to Stay Bound Scholarships to allow applicants to have earned up to 12 graduate credits.

VOTED, that ALSC will partner with project CATE in submitting an IMLS grant to fund "Reducing the Digital Divide: Outcome-Based Public Library Guidelines for Technology and the Young 21st Century Learner (Project CATE2)." If grant is awarded, ALSC, and in particular the ALSC Research and Development Committee, will implement the grant.

VOTED, to ask the sitting New Awards Task Force to create guidelines and develop criteria for award proposals that may be received by ALSC in the future. To charge the sitting New Awards Task Force to evaluate the current award proposals under consideration by ALSC.

VOTED, to approve the 2006 Nominating Committee: Nell Colburn, Chair; Richard Farley; Carole Fiore; JoAnn Jonas; Rhonda Puntney; Kathy Simonetta.

TABLED a motion on the award eligibility of books originally published by their authors or very small presses and subsequently re-published by larger or ‘mainstream’ publishers.

VOTED, that he use of the Caldecott winner or honor book seal (or those of other awards) on updated versions of award winners by their publishers be permitted, provided (a) that it be clearly noted on the book's cover that the book in question is a revised or updated edition, and (b) that the book jacket (or cover, if applicable), and copyright information page clearly state, "The original [2000/appropriate year] edition was awarded the [Randolph Caldecott Medal/appropriate award]."

VOTED, that in manuals for the following awards, the phrase "IN ENGLISH" be inserted into the terms of the awards: Batchelder, Belpré, Caldecott, Newbery, Sibert, Wilder. And further, that wording in the Belpré Manual be such as to allow for the inclusion of as many words and phrases in Spanish, as is appropriate.

VOTED, that $5,000 be transferred to the Wilder and the Belpré Endowment Funds in August of FY 2004 and again in August of FY 2005. Total amount of these transfers: $20,000.

VOTED, that ALSC establish a Theodor Seuss Geisel Award. First award to be given in 2006. First committee to be appointed in Fall 2004. First committee sits in 2005. Membership: 1 chair and 6 members. Charge: To select author(s) and illustrator(s) of a book who demonstrate great creativity and imagination in his/her/their literary and artistic achievements to engage children in reading.

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